History of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel


The Institute of the Sisters of Our Lady of Carmel is a contemplative and active religious congregation that was founded in Florence, Italy on October 15, 1854 by Blessed Maria Teresa Scrilli.  The Mother Foundress, inspired by the Holy Spirit, began the institute out of a deep concern to lead souls to God and also, as a response to a great social need of that time. Her concern for the moral, Christian and civil instruction and education of youth from their most tender years, through adolescence gave birth to the teaching apostolate of the Order.  Later the need arose to extend the work of the order to include assistance to the sick in hospitals and clinics and to the homes for the aged.  These works are now being continued in the countries of Canada, Italy, India, Poland, Brazil, United States of America, Republic of Czech, Indonesia, Philippines and Israel.

The Canadian foundation began in 1949 in Niagara Falls Canada.  For the past twenty-eight years, the institute has been working in the Archdiocese of Toronto serving the community through our Day Care Centers, parish work and nursing.  In 1975, the Italian community built a facility for the elderly citizens known as Villa Colombo.  Our Sisters were invited to offer assistance to these sick and elderly residents.  Through these many years the Sisters have been providing a climate of family warmth and loving care.  They assist these residents in their medical, spiritual and basic human needs.

Thank you for sharing your gifts, talents, time and energy.  May our Lady of Mount Carmel intercede for your every need and may God Bless you all.

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Blessed Maria Teresa Scrilli