COVID-19 Updated Policies and Procedures

*In addition to reviewing the following policy and procedural changes, please see the links to view important documentation at the bottom of this page including updated pricing, parent handbook, and assessment form. Thank you.

Changes in Program Delivery, Closures and Hours of Operation

The Centre may need to change services or close during a pandemic for the following reasons:

  • The childcare centre may be asked to close by York Region Public Health to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Individual rooms in childcare may be closed due to an outbreak in that room.

The Centre will be operating with reduced hours to assist with increased staffing requirements and to allow time for employees to complete all of the requirements around additional cleaning and sanitizing.  Our hours of operation will be 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. sharp.  There will be no extended day hours. The need for reduced hours will be reviewed regularly,  parents will be notified of any changes made.

Daily Routines

Mother of Carmel Childcare is required to maintain daily records of anyone entering the premises and the approximate length of stay. The information collected will include name of the person, contact information (if they are not part of the centre), time of arrival and departure and screening results. All records are to be kept up to date and available on the premises for inspection. These records will be used to facilitate contact tracing in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case or outbreak.  

All parents must check their child’s temperature before coming into the program. Employees must also check their own temperatures before coming into work. If you or your child is sick or has a temperature, please do not come to the program. Please call the centre to let the Supervisor know of the absence and the reason why.

 Any employee who meets the following criteria (temperature of 37.8 or greater and/or any of the symptoms in this document), must stay home and immediately report their symptoms to the on-site supervisor.

To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, the staff may choose to change clothing or wear an apron over their clothing before entering their assigned ‘cohort’.  This apron will be washed with the centre laundry daily.  Hands must be washed when entering the childcare. All staff while in the childcare require Indoor/outdoor shoes.

All clothing worn in the program should be laundered each day after leaving the program. It is recommended that staff working with younger children wear different clothing when in the centre.   

Daily Wellness Screening Procedures

All individuals including children, childcare employees, parents/guardians and essential visitors must be screened each day before entering the childcare centres including daily temperature checks. Children will be monitored throughout the day for COVID-19 related symptoms and temperatures will be taken at arrival and, at minimum, 1 additional time per day.

  • Only one parent may drop off a child at the Childcare Centre at one time. PLEASE ensure that you do not leave any personal items such as strollers or bikes at the centre. 
  • Parents must comply with the centre’s procedures when completing the Daily Wellness Screening. Parents should plan for additional time to accommodate the screening process.
  • The Childcare program will have one entrance/exit where the screening process will occur.  
  • An area will be designated outside the main entrance to conduct screening. The screener will wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) and stay 2 meters from those entering the premises.
  • The screener conducting the screening will have received training on active screening processes and requirements. The screening area will have a table, hand sanitizer, non-touch thermometer, disposal gloves, disposal masks and a waste bin and Public Health Resources.
  • The ground will be marked with appropriately distancing lines for families who are waiting to be screened. Dropping off of children should be staggered to avoid long lines when waiting to be screened. Mother of Carmel may require parents to wait in cars and will call parents forward as they arrive.
  • To ensure health and safety, as well as stringent infection prevention and control practices, Mother of Carmel Childcare will receive your children from the screening table.
  • Employees conducting the daily screening will complete hand hygiene. The child/adults temperature will be taken, discard the disposable cover (if applicable) and sanitize the thermometer. Sanitize hands and record temperature and response to questions.
  • Our employees will greet and screen each child. Screening will consist of a series of questions and temperature check of the child/employee. Employees will screen for a fever (temperature of 37.8 C or greater) using an infrared thermometer or a thermometer covered with single-use protective covers. These covers will be disposed of after each use. Thermometers will be cleaned and disinfected with an everyday level disinfectant before re-use.
  • Parents/guardians are not permitted past the health screening line to ensure physical distancing as directed by Public Health. Only one parent/guardian is permitted into the screening area. Employees are not permitted past the health screening line until they have been cleared to enter by the screener.
  • Once the child is cleared to enter the program, the child will disinfect their hands and will follow a second staff inside. Here the staff will help the child remove their outdoor shoes and put on their indoor shoes. The child will be escorted to their classroom.
  • Parents should limit belongings going back and forth; however, if any items do go home such as a lunch bag or a bag with extra clothing, they will be received and disinfected before going into the program.
  • We ask that no personal items such as electronics or books come in. Children in childcare will be provided with sheets and blankets for nap time. No stuffed animals or pillows will be allowed in the program

COVID-19 Documents

Parents/Guardians, please download and review the updated pricing and general information document by clicking on this link: Covid 19 General Information for Parents

Please download and review the COVID-19 Daily assessment form by clicking on this link: COVID-19 Daily Assessment form for Parents

Please download and review the Parent Handbook for Childcare during COVID-19 by clicking on this link: Parent Handbook for Childcare during COVID-19

You can find the official flyer for the opening at this link: Opening Flyer